The Horrible Labor Experience and The Gift of a Beautiful Baby!

It’s been exactly one month since I have written anything, and while I wish I was more dedicated, i’m sure given the situation, I am forgiven. Yeah I just forgave myself :). The last update on September 30th talked about me being 40 weeks pregnant and desperately hoping to get that baby out of me. Little did I know, there was going to be a long long road ahead.

First, I must report that she did not come out willingly, far from it. I guess I made her home inside so comfortable, that she never wanted to leave. The Dr.’s plan was to induce me on week 41, if she did not come out on her own. And just according to plan, my due date has come and gone and the induction date was nearing, something me and the hubby made peace with half way through that week.

So Wednesday morning, October 9th, around 7:30am the hubby and I made arrangements for Shadow, packed up our stuff and headed to the hospital, ready and excited to… yes, ‘Get that darn baby out of me’. Unfortunately when we got to the hospital, we were informed that due to an overwhelming amount of possible deliveries that morning, they couldn’t admit us. They told us to go home and call back at 11:00am, then call back at 3:00pm. Let’s just say I was pretty pissed all day long, waiting for them to allow us to come back.

Turns out the induction was scheduled along with two C-sections, the standard three appointments per day, but over night three other women showed up in labor, and they simply didn’t have the staff to attend to everyone, so we rescheduled for the next morning. It would have been great if they had explained the situation that morning, I would have understood, but instead I spent the day irritated, which pretty much set the tone for the whole delivery experience. And it gets worse…

We showed up the next morning and were very relieved to be admitted and given a nice comfy room right in front of the nurses station (for their listening pleasure ;)). I was officially induced at about 9:00am that morning and the pitocin started dripping. While they slowly increased the dosage, my contractions slowly got worse.

Finally around 5:00pm, the doctor broke my water. And if you’re wondering, it’s nothing like they show in the movies. It’s not just one splish splash and done. After the initial flood gates broke, I was leaking for several hours and had to wear a giant adult diaper. It felt like I was peeing on my self for like ever, which was kind of awkward.

The contractions got even worse and closer together, to the point where tears were running down my face every few minutes. And that’s when the party started… I was given some kind of pain medication which was meant to numb pain a little, but did absolutely nothing. They called in the anesthesiologist to stick the big needle in my back, which made me feel better for about an hour.

The contractions slowly began coming back and getting more intense so they had to call another anesthesiologist (from home, because the first one was busy in surgery) for another epidural. Luckily, this one lasted a bit longer but not before my blood pressure dropped so low that I got really nauseous and started shaking pretty violently (twice). That was fun.

Finally at around 11:00pm, the doctor said I was fully dilated and could start pushing, right in time for the medication to wear off again. So they gave me more medication and boy did I try my hardest to push that baby out. After THREE HOURS of pushing, accompanied by crying, shaking, screaming and a few more doses of medication, I was exhausted.

The doctor came back in to check me and not surprisingly, I had made no progress. That baby had to come out and there’s no way I was going to push it out. So plan B was a C-section, which by then I was begging the doctor for. They gave my hubby scrubs and wheeled me into the O.R. That is when it really got bad.

They gave me a spinal shot to numb me from the neck down so that they can cut me open, but unfortunately I was already given so much medication (even though It wasn’t working) that the spinal had numbed me all the way up to my nose and I felt like I couldn’t inhale. Needless to say I was terrified, lying there and moving my mouth like a fish out of water because I couldn’t breath, hearing machines going off all around me and someone saying “We have to knock you out completely and your husband can’t come in”, right before I passed out. I honestly didn’t know if I was going to wake up.

About an hour later I did wake up, and even though I was still suppose to be numb from surgery, the only thing I felt was my incision. The baby was out, the surgery was over, and I was STILL in pain. They brought me back to the room where my husband was waiting, (and freaking out) and lied there for another hour waiting for more pain medication because the pharmacy just couldn’t get it together. After the pain eventually went away, I asked to see my baby.

Not only did I had a horrible experience getting her out, neither my husband nor I actually saw her being born. It’s like one minute I was pregnant and the next they’re giving me this baby and telling me she’s mine. Pretty surreal.

But look at the beautiful baby girl I got at the end of it all… 8lb 10oz, 21 inches, my eyes and her daddy’s face.

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