Shadow The Husky Turns 4 Years Old!

IMG_1826It’s hard to believe our little fur ball is already four years old. Although we didn’t officially welcome him into the family until he was about eleven weeks old, and he has already outgrown his little puppy stage, it’s fun to remember the good times when I could actually pick him up when he suddenly decided to rub himself into the pavement, just for fun you know. (It’s a Husky thing). Now at a ripe old age of four and at about 80 lbs. of love, that is one luxury I do not have.

I’ll be the first to admit that we had a lot of issues with him at first. He was after all our very first dog ever, and we said to ourselves, let’s get the most difficult breed, as a puppy, and then kids would be a breeze, and that’s exactly what we did.

Shadow was always, in  one word, a brat, also known as a typical Husky. Potty training was a nightmare, bite training was just as bad. Let me just clarify that he just did his fair share of puppy nipping. Not fun. aAnd on top of it all, he was a medical mess.

From constant stomach issues, the big ole snip snip, and he even got a “Laxating Patella” – Usually a small dog problem, just means floating knee cap. He had to have surgery and stay off that leg for a while. We were in and out of the vet’s office at least every two months for the first year and a half of his life. Needless to say, we’ve probably spent more money on him than Everleigh.

Then came the baby stress, when ever Ev would start crying in the middle of the night, he would leave her room (because that’s where a big brother sleeps right?) and tinkle on the stairs. So we had to re-potty train him all over again.

IMG_4655BUT… I am happy to say that he has really turned into a model dog. He’s sweet and gentle and playful. And he’s pretty chill through out the day (especially for a Husky). He doesn’t chew on any of the furniture, he’s great about going to the door when he needs to potty, and is very patient when we can’t get to him right away. We can leave him alone in the house for probably up to eight hours, and come home to clean house and drowsy puppy who’s very happy to see us.

We haven’t had one medical or behavioral issue for about two years and I’m even in the habit of telling Everleigh, why can’t she be more like her big brother Shadow. And he is a true big brother in every sense of the word. Completely obsessed with her but great about giving her space.

And whenever I look through her baby pictures, it’s so sweet to see that Shadow is in every single one. Always there watching over her. And I am so excited to see the dynamic between him and baby #2!!! who will be arriving in November, and is a little boy just like him.

ev and shadow

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