Old Navy Toddler Clothing – Perfect For Coloring At Home!

Old Navy ColoringSo what do you wear on a chill day at home, doing some laundry, baking cookies and coloring? Ahm Old Navy? lol. Yeah I’m a bit obsessed with Old navy and Gap clothes. So this is a little outfit I picked up in September along with a whole lot of other 3T clothes, when I was getting ready for the cold New England weather with my cutie.

I really enjoy shopping, so having to pick up a whole new wardrobe for this little girl every season is a lot of fun. Until I look at my spreadsheets (Yes, I have a spreadsheet for everything lol) and It looks like I’ve spent upwards of $500 just on her clothes for 2015. I say upwards because I lost track sometime in the fall and haven’t been able to find all the receipts. This year however I’m on track, marking every shopping spree, which I will share at the end of the year.

OK so back to Old Navy. They’ve totally messed with my mind last month, I ran upon a huge sale of like up to 75% off + 30% off clearance, and was able to pick up some cute stuff for her, as cheap as like $0.69, no you don’t need glasses, that actually says less than a $1.

So now that I looked up this receipt for her fleece pullover and joggers, where I spent $5, $8 and even $12, it feels like I spent was too much money. So thanks Old Navy for spoiling me with super ridiculous clearance. Now $5 seems like too much money. Yeah I know, $10 and $12??? Who are we the Rockefeller’s? (If you don’t know, those are really really rich people).

Be that as it may, the outfit is adorable on her and very warm and comfy. My only criticisms are that I prefer for her clothes to be a little more stretchy. Especially the bottom of the pants, that are a pain to pull on. The last lesson of the day is – it’s great to mix and match, but sometimes matchy-matching is even greater. Oh and let’s not forget her adorable rainbow socks from Target (6 pack for $6.29).

One more thing, if you’re noticing the awesome table in the picture, that’s the Labebe kids table and chairs I snagged from Amazon.

Old Navy Horses

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