It Finally Snowed in Connecticut!

The year we moved to Connecticut, we’ve experienced some of the worst snow storms they had in a while. The next year we got hit with a few blizzards but less than the previous year. This year… well lets just say it’s almost the end of January and it finally snowed – a whopping 10 inches! Which is just enough for some good clean fun but not too much to be worried about taking 4 days to dig ourselves out. (which did happen last year).

Last year Everleigh discovered her love for the fluffy snow and we could barely keep her inside, even though she was only 1 and couldn’t get up once she fell down in her snow suit. It really was funny… she would fall down and just lay there, not moving, not saying anything, just waiting for someone to come and get her.


This year Everleigh is old enough to walk right into a mountain of snow, fall down, yell ‘Help me mommy’ and then get up herself once she realizes no one is coming to get her. She also took a big liking to snow eating… on purpose. We’re kind of new to the whole full-grown toddler in the snow thing so we really don’t have any snow accessories like a sled or a kid snow shovel.

The only toys she had to play with were her little beach bucket and shovels, which she discarded in favor of eating snow. Shadow also had a blast prancing around, and reminded me of something I realized last year – he doesn’t want to play with me, he wants to play with Everleigh. I am apparently old news.

IMG_2774 IMG_2776 IMG_2777 IMG_2778Another great thing about this year… new snow clothes! Everleigh’s great-grandmother got her an awesome Hawk & Co snow coat and snow bib. If you are not familiar with snow bibs, it kind of like overalls but weather proof. These pants are the absolute perfect length and size (3T) without having to adjust anything.

The best feature is the double layer pant cuff, It has a small zipper that reveals a thin bottom layer that tucks into the snow boots and the upper layer zips over the boots. Great for making sure no snow gets inside the shoes and also easier putting the actual boots on without hiking up the pants.

The boots were a great buy by yours truly. The Ozark Trail Toddler Boys’ Temp Rated Winter Boot is super cute and only $19 at Wal-Mart. Seriously, you cannot get better value than that for a snow boot. Even last year’s boots cost $30. I also like that the colorful soles that match the colorful jacket, even though they are boys boots just like last year, I don’t put that much stock in boys vs. girl clothes and shoes. I buy what’s cute.

IMG_2766 (1)Ozark Snow Boots

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