Everleigh’s Fashionable Saturday Afternoon

IMG_2904My first Kids Fashion post!!! Yeey. Ok so just like any mom, I always think that I’m dressing my kid super cute and in style. Even before Everleigh was born, I was firmly against the bows and glitter and super girly style a lot of moms dress their girls in. And I think it’s very true that moms dress their kids in their own style, if I was super girly that’s the way I’d dress her, until she’s old enough to tell me what she wants to wear.

Since I’m not flashy or girly, I’ve been shopping for Everleigh in the boys section since she was a wee baby, because who said that girls can’t wear blue or green, or onesies with bears on them. It sounds silly but it’s true, it was very hard to find girls clothes with anything but butterflies and hearts and lady bugs. The boys would have the bears and turtles and foxes.

I feel like I almost created Everleigh’s own mix and match style of boys and girls clothes. (Also boys clothes run a little bigger, which lasts longer, and I prefer for the clothes to be a little baggier than just right.)

It’s strange that now that I’m 32, I’m finally finding my own style. Since I don’t have to dress up for work, my signature look is tights, a long tank top and  baggy sweater. (Since it’s winter) Funny enough that’s exactly how I dress Everleigh. I especially like using a dress as an undershirt and a sweater or long-sleeved shirt on top, that way she gets a little girly, and a little cool.

So yesterday the hubby and I did a little lunch at 99’s and a Sam’s club trip. It was pretty nice for January, a whopping 53 degrees so a light jacket was enough to keep her warm. Now that I made the intro, let me tell you a little bit about her outfit…

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