Everleigh’s Big Kid Haircut Was a Success!

My little girl never had an abundance of hair when she was small, finally around 18 months or so her little hair started to sprout out. I have to say it was a very exciting time for yours truly because I could finally collect a tiny bit of hair into a pony tail or really small pigtails and my little girl finally looked like a little girl.

Ever since her hair started growing, it hasn’t stopped, although instead of growing in length, it just keeps growing in volume. I call her my little Albert Einstein. My hair was always super straight ever since I was a baby but her daddy had a full head of curly blonde hair at her age (although not so much anymore ;)). So she got her daddy’s volume and frizzy curls with the most beautiful honey brown tone with natural highlights.

She also somehow got built-in side swept bangs (lucky girl ha), which are super cute except for when they get in her eyes and she constantly rubs them. So a few months ago when her hair reached a point of complete disarray, I took her to special kids hair salon.

After finding out they don’t actually make appointments, even though I made one the night before, and having to wait an hour and a half for two sets of twins to finish, ( yeah I was pretty determined to get her hair cut that day lol) I was pleasantly surprised at how well she did sitting in her pink Jeep and watching Mickey Mouse while holding my hand and getting her very first haircut.

IMG_2064 IMG_2067 IMG_2068


A few months later, her hair grew out again, as hair does, and we went back to the same kids haircut place. (This time without an appointment) Although to our surprise, the place had closed down and they never bothered to remove the location from their website. So here we were at a mall, with a full head of hair and a child ready to get her haircut.

After looking around for a mall map and not finding one, I walked into an ULTA beauty supplies store, assuming they’d know if there was a regular hair salon at the mall. The lady in the front had no idea where to direct me but luckily they had their very own hair salon in the back of the store.

We only waited a few minute for another lady to get the foil in her hair set for some highlights, and Everleigh was ready for her very first big girl haircut in a hair-salon. To my surprise once again, she did absolutely fantastic. She got a little pillow for her chair for some height and stared at herself in the mirror the entire time.

I even got a little flash forward at her sitting in a chair like a model, getting her hair and make up done for a show. Yeah I’m such a stage mom, whatever. lol


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