Don’t Waste Your Money On a Graco Baby Nasal Aspirator!

Before Everleigh was born, I scoured the world-wide web for the best baby registries out there. It could be extremely confusing, for a first time mom, to figure out what you actually need and what you can live without. Several registries out there mentioned a nasal aspirator – basically it’s a battery operated device that just sucks all the boogers out of your baby’s nose without any effort on their part. Because what 6 month old can blow their own nose right?

Well it’s not as fantastic as it sounds, because Everleigh would not let me near her nose with that thing with a ten foot pole. Not only is the size pretty intimidating for a tiny baby / toddler, but the sound this thing makes would even make me run for the hills. The specific one we have is the Graco Nasal Aspirator.

Instead of the automated nasal aspirator, we have been using the Briggs nasal bulb syringe we received at the hospital when Evi was born. She obviously wasn’t a huge fan of anything being shoved up her nose, but at least it doesn’t sound like we’re drilling through her brain with the darn thing.

We have being using the same bulb for almost two and a half years now, and thoroughly cleaning it after every use, but the fact that I couldn’t clean it all the way has been making me a bit queasy lately. At first I was just going to get a new 2 oz. bulb but after some Amazon research I found the Boogie Bulb! Imagine the same blue bulb but slightly bigger (3 oz.) and it unscrews in the middle for easy clean up.

Granted it is a little pricier, $15 vs. $4, but knowing that I can visibly see that it’s spotless on the inside and not growing it’s own booger babies, puts me at ease. Another plus is the slightly bigger size, when you first look at the 3 oz. bulb, you think – this is never going to fit in her nose! But it is the perfect for for a toddler’s nose and creates much better suction then the little one did.

Just remember when using it – don’t squeeze it from the sides because the seems will pop open, instead squeeze it from the back like so…

IMG_3131 (1)

But listen, let me be clear, Everleigh hates having her nose cleaned! It was hard enough before when she cried and cried, it’s now even harder since she talks and cries ” no mommy don’t… stop!!!” breaks my heart, really. but if it’s between a few minutes of discomfort and her being able to breath and sleep at night, we all have to put on a our big girl mommy pants, and suck it up.

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