All The Updates With Our Little Family

Looking at my last post, it’s hard to believe I haven’t written anything since August. Back then I was about 6 months pregnant and enjoying summer and taking a lot of vacations. Since then… oh boy. let’s just say the tide really turned for me in my third trimester. Not like the first two were a walk in the park, in fact this whole pregnancy was more difficult than I expected it to be. 

Even though I didn’t have any serious medical issues and my baby was healthy and I was healthy, I do understand that it could, and in a lot of cases it is, much worse. But everyone has their own experience and their own difficulties in their own ways.

With Everleigh I had a super easy pregnancy, a terrible delivery and a super easy baby. This time around I had a crappy pregnancy, a great delivery and so far a very different baby. Now lets back track a bit, the third trimester… I was heavy, and irritated and just the most miserable pregnant person ever. I truly did not like being pregnant. It felt like an alien had hijacked my body and I had no control over anything I did or didn’t. And I couldn’t even fix the way I was feeling because everything I was experiencing was “normal”… Ugh. 

As opposed to the crazy delivery experience I had with Everleigh, this time I went directly in for the C-section, no messing around. I got my spinal, (which was probably the worst part) Mike got into the OR and they took our little baby out of me, in what was a truly special moment. The moment I so longed for and didn’t get with Everleigh. We were so emotional, we couldn’t stop laughing. He was perfect.

Maximus Kane was born 11-11-2016, 7 lb 7 oz and 20 inches. By the time we brought him home he was down to 6 lb 14 oz, a far cry from the 8 lb 10 oz Everleigh was when she was born, but then again she was 9 days late and he was 5 days early. He was so tiny that i was constantly worried about him gaining enough weight and Newborn clothes were even big on him. 

Fast forward two and a half months later and our little teeny measured 23.5 inches ( 64 %) and 13.5 lb (68 %) at his last checkup, and his hips and butt are so large that he is currently wearing all of Everleigh’s 6M, 9M and 12M clothes – at the same time! Since I am a total hoarder all of Everleigh’s 0-12M clothes were stored neatly in the basement, and not to mention that I dressed her like a boy in the first 9 months of her life, Max ended up with so much clothes that I hardly even needed to buy him anything. 

He’s not even 3 months old yet, and I already unpacked Everleigh’s 12 – 24 M clothes. Lord help me. Maybe he’ll be a football player. Of course I have been taking many pictures of these two adorable siblings who are totally smitten with each other so I will try to post updates as often as I can. But let me tell you…two kids… I can’t even go to the bathroom by myself, let alone pop open a computer screen unless there’s a fussy baby bouncing in my lap and a curious 3-year-old trying to press all the cool buttons. 

So for now… Sayonara. Hopefully ill be back soon!

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