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Baby first pictureEven though I’m not new to blogging, I am new to mom blogging, so a big resounding Hello World! seemed appropriate. It’s been a long time since I “started” a blog and to be honest I kind of forgot how to do half the things I’m suppose to do to get the ball rolling, so it might take a bit to get in the swing of things.

First, a little about my self and why I decided to get started on Everleigh After. My name is Margarita and I am about to become a first time mom. My first site was focused on Entertainment news but since all I can think about lately is the impeding arrival of this little babe, I’ve decided to shift my focus and completely immerse my self into the world of mom blogging.

My baby girl will be arriving on October 2nd. (according to Dr. calculations) and she better not be late, because my birthday is on October 5th. Even though my friends already told me to kiss my birthday goodbye, I’m pretty sure she’ll come early. My prediction – October 1st. (can’t help it, I want an October baby!). My husband’s birthday is September 24th, so really, either one of us could get screwed on this one. All in all, I’m confident we’ll have another Libra in the family. Speaking of the hubby, his name is Mike, and you can be sure I’ll be talking about him quite frequently.

Her name – You guessed it… Everleigh! More specifically, Everleigh Snow. Her name was originally supposed to be Snow, but about a month ago I decided to change it. Oh the joys of pregnancy indecisiveness. To keep the name as unique as possible, we decided to keep it as a middle name.

Although Evy is the main focus of this blog, she won’t be the only one discussed. Everything from mine and hubby’s latest adventures and our mischievous Siberian Husky Shadow, to my love of interior design, photography and fashion, will all be shared here. So get ready, I’m a talker ;).

This is the first of many introductory posts because as in any relationship, you shouldn’t spill it all on the first date, you have to peel that onion very slowly to keep em’ interested. So hopefully I’ll be able to keep ya’ll interested for a very long time. (I don’t really have a southern drawl, I just always wanted to say ya’ll).

So until next time… and a Happy Everleigh After to all of you! 🙂


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